transit advertisement

Transit advertising includes displays on buses, transit benches, shelters, or any transportation mode that consumers use to travel during the course of a day. Sometimes overlooked form of advertising is a type known as transit advertising, which displays your marketing message and advertisement in area of public transit.

Transit advertising works like all other forms of advertising, as a way to help people learn more about your brand or a new product or service you're offering. But, why would you consider this type of advertising over another option?

Benefits of Transit Advertising
  • Transit advertising has one major advantage that these traditional forms do not: you cannot turn it off, delete it or throw it in the garbage.
  • Advertisements in a transit space generally have one thing in common: they're big and eye-catching.
  • Generates reputation and creates brand awareness of that specific company.
  • You reach a captive audience.
  • It reaches varied demographics, or different characteristics of people.


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