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POP, or point of purchase, refers to the physical location where consumers decide whether or not to buy a products.POS, or point of sale, refers to the specific area where the exchange of goods takes place. POP displays usually occupy floor space throughout a retailer in the form of dump bins, standing displays, or clip strips. The main reason brands incorporate POP displays in their sales strategies is to increase the number of facings and their product’s presence in the store. POS displays are great for pushing products that shoppers are likely to impulse buy rather than a planned purchase.

Different types of POS displays:
  • Freestanding units
  • Counter displays
  • Dump bins
  • Sampling areas
  • Checkout displays
Different types of POP displays:
  • Vendor Shops
  • Freestanding Displays
  • Endcap Displays
  • Banner Stands