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1. must have one year exp. in marketing

2. talkitive and very active

3. must have knowlage in ms office

4. daily reporting skill

5. educational qualification is not that required as far as he is meeting above criterias.

1. must have 3 years of exp. in marketing

2. marketing team handling

3. fully energitic and with positive vibes

4. leading the team and taking accountibility

5. making clients and developing the business relation

6. a business graduate will be more preferable

1. must have 2 years of exp. in accounting

2. must have knowledge in tally and ms office

3. reconciling the company's bank statements and bookkeeping ledgers

4. generating the company's financial reports using income and expenditure data

5. filing and remitting taxes and other financial obligations

6. completing analysis of the employee expenditures

7. accounting graduate will be fare enough

1. must have experience of office culture

2. good problem solving and skills

3. executing the given work smoothly and responsibly

4. complete working timing flexibility

5. keeping your self flexible in every sort of work

1. must have experience of 2-3 year in operational incharge office

2. very good problem solving and decision making skills

3. executing the given assignment at a given period nicely

4. working timing flexibility

5. good team work and leadership skill

6. reporting the senior and maintaining the good relation with everyone

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