lollipop balloon branding

Hoarding advertisement is the oldest, largest and widely used advertisement structure in the world. At traffic signals, major crowded areas, market places they will keep appealing their contents to the people. Due to its gigantic size its very much eye catching and impact full, that's why even today when companies like Banks, Telecom industries, Automobile companies thinking of branding their products the hoarding advertise first comes to their mind. In Bhubaneswar you can witness thousands of hoardings well structured at the major buildings and the other crowded areas, but hardly you can find them blank. No matter it's an on season or off season they are always ever green.

Why companies still rely upon hoardings?
  1. Very much eye catching as compare to the other advertising Medias.
  2. It attracts the audiences very easily, as it is an eye catching concept.
  3. Here we can go as bigger size as we want according to the Location.
  4. Cost effective and can run on least maintenance.
  5. Most reliable advertising comcept