bus branding

Bus branding is a medium of transit advertisement that helps in creating awareness in desired neighborhoods. The large, colorful, and innovative designs demand attention and the advantage is that people cannot switch it off. Brands get exclusivity in their advertising space and it delivers results. By putting your advertisement inside the bus you will be able to target commuters traveling in city buses and advertisement on the exterior will help you target others such as pedestrians and those traveling by car or other means of transport.

Bus adverts are an effective way to reach a local audience through constantly reminding them of your business. You’re not relying on the public to buy or read a form of print media, or turn on the radio or TV to hear or see your advert. Buses are, simply put, quite unmissable.

Buses commute on daily basis, which ensure round-the-clock visibility of your ads. Lastly, buses reach every part of the city, helping you reach a large audience base. Bus branding can help you accomplish different marketing goals such as promotion of seasonal specials, announcement of new products, and also for general branding.

Because our daily routines are standard, those who ride buses, subways, and the like are exposed to the ads repeatedly. If you rode the same subway to work and back every day, in one month you would have the opportunity to see the ad 20 to 40 times. The locations of station and shelter signs also afford high frequency of exposure.

We are the best bus branding agencies if you are looking for services such as:

  • Bus Branding
  • Bus Back Panel Advertisement
  • Interior or exterior bus branding


  • Size: 320 sqft
  • Back Panel size: 11 sqft
  • Minimum Duration:6 months
  • Bus Rent Per Month:30,000/-
Bus Branding
Bus Branding
Bus Branding
Bus Branding