bicycle advertisement

When most people think of transit advertising, they immediately think of signs on buses, Van, Auto rickshaw or maybe even light rail, depending on where they live. But there’s a new form of transit advertising taking to the streets, and its growing fast: BICYCLES!

Bicycles are easily available, easy to use for branding purpose and the most important thing it is cost effective. We can use the baskets and the back area of the Bicycle for branding .It will easily roam where traditional Medias can’t go. While the bicycles begin the day positioned in one spot, they spread out like a giant web by the end of the day, providing excellent coverage. While we don’t have any data on their effectiveness just yet, common sense says bicycle billboards will prove to be very effective. Small is big when it comes to ads when they’re 3 feet away.

So, from now on when you think outdoor advertising , think small as well as large! Either way, the impact is BIG!