auto rickshaw branding

Most of the peoples are spent their time outside the home. Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas .Outdoor, or out of home, advertising includes any type of marketing done outdoors to grab people’s attention. We have lots of options for outdoor advertisements among that Auto rickshaw advertising is the popular one. Auto rickshaws are very much popular in Indian streets because of easily available and cost effective. Each and every person must have travelled via autos, so auto rickshaw is not only a vehicle for travelling purpose but we can use this for advertisement so that we can reach at our targeted audience/ customers to aware about certain things.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising is the most effective and affordable medium of outdoor advertising. Standing out from the clutter of hoardings, posters, banners and kiosks, this walking medium goes to every part of the city and it will roam even those areas which other vehicles cannot reach! Your brand reaches almost every corner of the city. Auto rickshaw branding can be effectively used for tactical advertising, promoting seasonal offers, new product launches. It creates the much-needed engagement even when the budget for advertising is limited. Thus catchy and innovative advertisements on auto-rickshaws can draw the audience's attention and charm them. A catchy advertisement can secure someplace in the audiences’ mind which will yield sales at some point in time.

The reach and effectiveness of rickshaw branding have significant reach. Being cost effective, auto rickshaw branding is preferred by big and small marketers.

We have 3 options for Auto rickshaw advertisement these are:

AUTO VINYL: In Auto Vinyl Advertisement, the vinyl will be pasted on the back panel, sides of the auto. You can keep the ad of your brand pasted for as long as you would like to promote your brand, till the vinyl gets damaged somehow or till the pasted banner gets replaced by some other advertisement. Thus, this gives you the independence to run a campaign for a longer duration of time. You will be able to select the autos from different routes. That is to say, the autos will efficiently take the name of your brand to every corner of the city. So, if you want to have a city-wide branding campaign. Auto-rickshaw branding is one cost-effective way to do so. In some other Countries and States this campaign is also known as Tuk-Tuk advertisement, because autos are more convenient for travelers to travel even short or long distance.


AUTO HOOD: Auto advertising can be productively put to use by pasting the brand ad on the auto hood which includes the three sides of the Auto. As autos freely travel through the urban and semi-urban areas, you can be ensured the message of the brand will be delivered to the areas that the autos travel to.

AUTO BACKLIT: Another new and innovative advertising option in Auto rickshaw is Auto Backlit or Light Autos. This one is very much attractive and easily grabs the attention in to it. In day time this autos are looks normal like normal vinyl when evening starts the branding area is lighting surrounding the area which will attract each and every body’s attention and makes a curiosity among the passersby. This will make the campaign very innovative and eye catchy and unique than the other auto rickshaws.

We understand the importance of Branding and Advertising very well & provide you the creative solutions for Auto rickshaw advertising in Odisha, helping you present your best self to the potential customers and building an edge against your competitors.