3d holographic advertisement

3D hologram is three dimensional images generated using photographic projection. It is truly 3D and free standing image which does not simulate spatial depth. It is defined as 3D projection which exists freely in the space and holographic recording of light field than image formed by lens. Nowadays, the 3D Holographic Display Projectors are a perfect solution to standout when promoting your products. This new and innovative visual technology has created a way to present your product effectively while catching audience’s attention. We look forward to assisting you in showcasing your products or services with all the possible technological enhancements in order to give your brand a new light.

  1. It is very cost effective solution to make and to hire.
  2. It has higher storage capacity compare to other methods.
  3. It offers creation of multiple images on single plate including 3D images.
  4. It does not require special glasses to view and can be viewed from any angle.
  5. It does not require any projection screen.
  6. It is difficult to replicate as it is difficult to alter.